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Nigerian Nurses Association of USA, Inc. uses Nursing Network to connect with their members and followers.

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Benefits of Membership


By joining NNAUSA, YOU can make an authoritative statement about your commitment to Nursing and the health of the Nigerian community in New York and Nigeria.

Professionally, your membership opens you to many opportunities including mentorship, advancing your knowledge through continuing education opportunities at the local and national level, national
conference discount, advancing your higher education through the national education agreement and
coalition, and improving your leadership skills by working with or learning from local and national leadership members.

Socially, your membership opens you to NNAUSA social support system through Sun Shine benefit
including members’ presence at your social events, member/spouse death benefit and opportunity to participate in the national group term initiative.

Also, as a NNAUSA member, you can connect with Nigerian nurses in North America, and in Nigeria, united and communicating with one strong voice to uphold the mission of improving the health and wellbeing of Nigerians at home and abroad. In addition, you can network with your fellow Nigerian nurses by signing up with one or more of our committees.

Community health Support: your membership opens you to NNAUSA Health Care Initiative (Take NNAUSA to your church/village initiative).

Nigerian Nurses Making a difference in the community.

Nigerian Nurses Association of USA, Inc. (NNAUSA) is a strong and a founding member of the national body NANNNA (National Association of Nigerian Nurses in North America.).

As you join us, please feel free to participate and share your talent and expertise.